Airmail – Sparrow Alternative!

As mentioned in my previous article, the search for a perfect Mail App for OS X is still on. Sparrow has raised the level both on OS X and iPhone. It has to be hands down client on both the platforms. Now that Sparrow team has joined Google, I don’t see why would they would update their mail clients with more features. That very feeling of you being left out just doesn’t go well with me. I faced the same issue with HP Palm Pre 2. It was amazing phone and just after I heard that they are stopping their support for handsets, I had to make to switch.

Anyway, I use two Email account – personal and business. I have been using Sparrow for Business and InkyMail for personal. I recently reviewed InkyMail and it was just great. But a client like that is great only for personal. I didn’t feel it would replace my Sparrow. So the hunt went on and I stumbled upon – AirMail.

Early Beta Stage:

First, Its a beta! And Second its only for 10.7 (Lion) and above (Mountain Lion). Its a put off for many. We normally are bit apprehensive about using a beta software. But, a beta product doesn’t mean it always crashes and will have many bugs. Its stable, workable but with ‘limited’ features. You might face odd crash, the developers might hide their ‘trump’ card for the major release yet, they are never mean they are unusable. I have been using it for 4 days now and its stable and it crashed maybe once or twice. Nothing malicious with those. (Oh btw, if you are a Alfred Powerpack user download V2 beta. Its awesome as well!).

Beta Product

Beta Product

Second, with 10.7 version as minimum requirement puts many users off. Seriously, if you are still on Snow Leopard, you have to upgrade. You are missing out on many features. Its excusable if your hardware doesn’t support the upgrade but for the rest, Wake up!!

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