Belkin Cooling Pad Review!

The most common complaint I have heard for MacBook’s is that it runs hot. Burning hot. And its been going on for many generations. They say rMBP doesn’t run so hot, I don’t have one so I can’t speak for that. But the other MBP’s runs so hot that you can’t call it a ‘Laptop’ at all.

Is it a concern? – Actually No.

My Macbook pro runs around 85 degrees Centigrade most of the time and rarely the temperature dips below 70. Playing games like Diablo 3 or F1 2012, I could hear the fan spin so fast that I feel the need to quit the game.

Macbook running hot

(This snapshot was taken during causal browsing with Tweetbot, Fluid, Airmail, Sparrow, CleanMyMac, Chrome opened!)

Should I be bothered? Absolutely. I paid so much money on this machine. I don’t want it to be damaged by anything that not my fault!

But after reading few blogs, I felt you don’t have to be bothered because its Apple! I am sure the laptop was designed to tolerate such heat. I am sure it was tested that it would run even at a higher temperature.

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