InkyMail Review

I love applications on OSX as much as my Macbook. Its these applications that makes my experience so much awesome. Its not just for Mac, its the same for Windows, Android, iOS, BB (!!) etc. I keep searching for them when I am not in office. I have found awesome apps ranging from Alfred to Should I sleep. Those are the best. If I like the UI, experience and novelty, I don’t care for price (Tweetbot!). I just buy them. If they are free (Cobook) its the best feeling, still I don’t mind being charged.

Anyway, I have like 8 odd email ID (Both business & personal) that I check everyday. And I have the best email client on Mac, Sparrow, running for office emails and then postbox for personal. But, Postbox wast my choice. Its more like Mail client itself. I tried many others and nothing came close even to Postbox, so I had to stick with it. It was not as awesome as sparrow. So I keep searching for apps and then I came across an awesome Mail client for both OS X & Windows (Yes! Windows too) – InkyMail. I loved their website and pictures shown, it was free and seconds later I was downloading this stuff.

Setting up:

Setting up my personal account was a breeze. It was a gmail account and Inky did all the connecting stuff itself. I had to create an Inky mail to access but thats Ok. It was just easy. Inky 1, Postbox 0!

Set Up


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