Alfred Extensions for Volume Eject & Internet Sharing!

Alfred is the go-to app for me. It does the job from opening 5 websites to tweeting, from controlling iTunes to opening folders using shortcut. Thanks to many developers who create extensions to make it more simple.

I have made two extensions – Unmount Disk & Internet sharing.


So many volumes mounted on Desktop and you might want to eject only a few. How about an apple script that lets you select the disk that you want to eject? Thats what this extension lets you do. It displays the list of disk mounted, lets you choose 1 or more disk to eject and then its gone!

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Internet Sharing Alfred Extension

Some Crap about why I did this app!

My two years of education in Singapore made me heavily dependent on Wi-fi. Where ever I went, I never had the trouble of finding wi fi spots. Either SingTel would give me one or McD had one, Starbucks, in my Uni, in my house everywhere had a wi-fi.

After my studies there, I returned to India to work in our family business. That too in a town like Virudhunagar. No wifi. I had to use my mobile net which sucks! 3G is not even launched here when they say iPhone might get to 4G. Living in 2G sucks.

And so, I use Reliance Netconnect on my laptop which is fast. iPhone data plan is capped. So i had to rely on my unlimited Reliance to connect my iPhone to internet. Each time I had to connect, I had to do many steps to share my laptop internet.

Because I already have Alfred app and Powerpack with me, I decided to use a script to share internet.. It does a good job for me. Sure you might face a situation where you might want to share you laptop internet. This app reduces the job.

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