Airmail, the sparrow alternative is here.

Since Airmail launched its beta, I have been using as my mail client and I found hardly not much of bugs to be my default mail client. Yet, the ‘beta’ stopped me from doing so as I have bad past of using beta products as my default client. It changed today!

Airmail is now on App Store and its great. I mean “Sparrow-esque” great – actually even better. And its for just $1.99.

If you have read my Airmail beta review (Do read as the review there is more detailed!), I mentioned that the app was getting regular updates. It seemed like there was an update almost everyday not just fixing bugs, but also adding a tiny little feature or two. With a stable release, how much of difference does it come with? Find out below

Changes from Beta : 

I could hardly find any difference. I felt that I paid to get the same app without “beta” tag attached. But, having said that, I would have paid any amount for this app. Such is my demand for a Mac mail.

The big difference I noticed, is how responsive and quick the app has become. Beta was sluggish in launching and from there it hardly stuck. But this version is far more speedy.

Set-up : 

It has had not changed much from beta. It supports a huge range of accounts that would suffice a non-geeky user. From AOL to iCloud and IMAP accounts, the login is hassle-free. The advanced tab would let you customise your set-up incase you need it.

Easy to setup.

Easy to setup.

User Interface : 

The UI is broken down to three panes – actually four! On left is the account information, followed by the Folder pane which can be customised to a simple view. The message pane is next, which has few themes to choose from the settings, with detailed pane being last.

UI - simplified view!

UI – simplified view!


Being a beta user for a long time, I found very comfortable with hardly anything new – not that I am complaining.

Prefs :  

The preference section has lot more customisations than sparrow. Also, the setting can be made for each account. So, if I don’t want notification for my personal mail ID, I can set up that. Another notable feature is enabling “Gmail Shortcuts”. So if you are a heavy user of Gmail, that is very handy and might save you lot of time.

Prefs - General

Prefs – General

The dropbox sync meant I could attach from them directly. Probably the feature that some might miss is Facebook integration as sparrow did.

Airmail > Sparrow? 

Obviously! Not just because Sparrow is dead, but by the fact that it has lot more features that Sparrow doesn’t. Its worth $1.99!

My only worry is that, I don’t want Airmail to be pouched like Sparrow and abandon the product. Please. Even if that happens, just don’t ditch your loyal fans like Sparrow.