Magican – The OS X Magician.

Its not often when you get the best apps for free. They might have a sale, but I am sure it won’t be free for a long time. 1Password has never been free (to my knowledge), so is CleanMyMac, AppFresh, Sparrow etc. They charge you! Else, they are “Freemium” apps. But I stumbled upon an application that does the job of CleanMyMac ($20.00 approx), Hazel ($25 approx), Gemini ($10), iStat Menu app ($16), ANTI-VIRUS (You guess the $), weather all for FREE. Yes. Free and absolutely free with no ads!

Magican – The toolbox app for Mac!

Magican is actually a one-stop-solution for your mac. This is what it does –

  • Cleaner (CleanMyMac!)
  • Duplicate (Gemini!)
  • File Finder (Gemini)
  • Optimiser (Read review)
  • Stats – Battery. Hard Disk, Activity Monitor, Fan Speed Control, Network Monitor (iStat does this!)
  • Software updater, Uninstaller, Recommender (Read review)
  • Hardware – System Information

Its free! Now count how many application you would need to do all this (My count is 6!) and how much of money you can save (Approx $100). And the applications that its replacing are no light weights. They are proven and critically acclaimed apps. Does Magican do what the other application does efficiently? Lets find out –  

User Interface :

The UI seems more like iTunes with a rectangle box to display weather. Its doesn’t display much of information like forecast which other dedicated apps does, but, this seems good enough for me. On the left hand side has the menus for various features and right hand side is the summary of the application.

Also on the top right corner is the profile page. Magican ranks you based on your usage.

Another UI that this app gives you is the on the Menubar which can also be removed from there to float on screen above any application.

Cleaner :

The cleaner tab has three more option – Quick Clean, Duplicate, File Finder. Quick Clean removes the junks, caches, and other files that you don’t need to have in your system. 

Duplicate removes the files that has duplicates and that can be thrashed. File Finder lets you see files on two criteria – Files not used for 1 months, Files based on space. You know which files are rarely used and which can be thrashed.

Security : Anti Virus Software!

OS X is prone to attacks and Apple’s own ‘auto update feature’ in Mountain Lion enhances the security. But running another Anti-Virus software is no harm. With this application, you can do quick scan, full scan and custom scan. On-Download scanner scans the files being downloaded and it notifies you as well.

Just below is the Trojan Database date which they refresh it often.

Optimiser :

This contains three optimisers – Default App, Start-Up items, & Parameters. Under default Application, I have set Chrome and Airmail as my default browser and Mail client respectively. The remaining are shown in the personal tab where you can set application based on the extensions. For example, for all flv’s the default app is VLC. Neat.

On the startup items, you can change the apps that start-up at login. Sure, you can change it on System Prefs, but this seems easier way. Daemons, Kernel extensions can also be changed which doesn’t feature in system prefs.

With parameters, on the general tab there is hardly anything but just the default save location and safari history setting. Under Finder, you can change the Finder menu settings like hiding and showing hidden files, the path to a folder etc. Probably the best use is the Dock where you can customise the dock just like Sys Prefs but with more options. It seemed similar to Candy Bar options, which I used until they stopped support.

With login, The login window can be customised to freak out people who lay hands on your system without your knowledge!


This tab shows you 5 features where you can view them by swiping with two fingers. The first is the ‘Battery Monitor’ that shows you the battery information that my SMC Fan Control does along with ‘Time Remaining’. You now know how long your battery might last.

The next is the information about your HDD with RW informations. Activity Monitor does exactly what the default Activity Monitor does with the pie chart about Wired, Active, Inactive and free Memory. The Fanspeed Control page lets you set the fan speed with ease. You can also see the battery, CPU, GPU, and Disk temperature.

With network, you can see your download speed and overall summary for a month. Pressing the small icon on the top right in the middle pane brings in the advanced setting of your network. Placing your cursor along the graph shows your download & upload speed at that point of time and you can zoom with the scroll bar given below.

Software : 

The default Software page lets you know about the updates available for all your application that is installed on your OS X. This just doesn’t stop with apps bought on Mac App Store but from other sites as well. Below it is the “Recommendations” tab where you get other applications for Games, Education, Utilities, Lifestyle, News and Video & music. This option is neat and I found myself keep checking those more often for new apps.

Clicking on updates section shows in details about the apps that require updates (unfortunately I have all up-to-date) and in the Uninstall menu you can uninstall application. What it also hows you is the “Not launched for xxx days” which is great. I try out so many apps and forget to install them. Again, the uninstall is classified into Application, Plug-ins, Widgets, Screen Saver and pref pane (On sys prefs!).

The recommended applications shows you apps that are recommended to you based on the categories mentioned above along with tab for “Free”.


You must download their MagicanDocument, MagicanFile and MagicanRest to access this page, which I did download and found nothing great about them.

Hardware :

This shows you all your Hardware details. Unfortunately, I am not taking a picture of that screen because of obvious reasons.

Jack of all, but Master of None?

Actually, Yes! Gemini has more features and so does Hazel, CleanMyMac. But Magican does what is expected and it does it so well that, at some point of usage, I felt why did I buy those applications! This seems the best. Its not that I don’t use CleanMyMac anymore. I use it rarely now. This app does the trick for me.

Worth the buy!

Hell yeah! Its freaking free and you can download right here!

Who is this app for?

User who doesn’t want to spend money on many apps to get the basic stuff done on mac!


Great app! On my must have list! Thumbs up!

So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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