Numeric – A cool calculator app!

There are very few Electronic devices that are still being used even after 5 years of invention. It either gets upgraded or gets forgotten completely. Hand-held calculators have been the same since its invention in the year 1960’s. You have smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and all that which has built-in calculator app but none comes close to ease of use of hand-held calculators.

My Calculator!

However, I wish my Mac does this job than me pulling out my calculator and doing stuff. But the idea of me searching for numbers and arithmetic signs to do calculations was not easy. Though Alfred did the calculations, typing the numbers was my primary concern for not just me, but for many others as well.

Numeric Pad in Desktops : 

Pic taken from Flickr.

Pic taken from Flickr.

Numeric keypad (On the right bottom of regular keyboard) did the calculation job on Desktop. The keys were more of a calculator layout arranged in grids which was far more convenient than horizontal layout. But on laptops, this was sacrificed and hence the problem.

Trackpad as a Calculator? – Yes! Numeric does the job.

How about using your trackpad as a calculator? Thats what Numeric App does. It changes your trackpad to calculator pad. The idea was brilliant and I was desperate for buying this application and trying it out. There was hardly any reviews on other sites and so I went on to read the reviews of the app itself!

Numeric UI

The reviews weren’t good and users said it wasn’t user friendly yet, I took the risk and paid Rs.55 ($0.99) for this app.

How it works?

Note: You need you Macbook Pro with trackpad that accepts multi-touch or Magic Trackpad.

Pic taken from the developer site.

Pic taken from the developer site.

You have to assume your trackpad has buttons and press the keys accordingly. The layout is given to you on the screen (See pic below). So pressing the exact middle of pad means I actually type 5, pressing top right corner is ‘backspace’ and top left corner is ‘multiply’. Simple.

Bad Reviews?! – Thumbs up from me.

The app had some bad reviews on the Mac app store and it made me think twice before buying this beauty. The complaint there was mostly saying ‘Its not user friendly’ and some even demanded money back!

Their problem was, they never used it regularly to get used to “UI”. Its not like other application where from day one you are going to be at home. You have to get used to knowing your trackpad position on your laptop and then knowing the “Virtual Keys” and pressing them. I made so many errors first few days. It has a steep learning curve, but once you are used to the UI, you would not miss your hand-held calculator.

Yay or Nay?

Yay, if you have patience to learn how to use.

Nay, if you don’t have patience!  

So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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