Alfred Extensions for Volume Eject & Internet Sharing!

Alfred is the go-to app for me. It does the job from opening 5 websites to tweeting, from controlling iTunes to opening folders using shortcut. Thanks to many developers who create extensions to make it more simple.

I have made two extensions – Unmount Disk & Internet sharing.


So many volumes mounted on Desktop and you might want to eject only a few. How about an apple script that lets you select the disk that you want to eject? Thats what this extension lets you do. It displays the list of disk mounted, lets you choose 1 or more disk to eject and then its gone!

All this can be done by downloading Alfred and updating it to Powerpack, which is a must!

Follow these simple steps

1) Download and install the extension from here.

2) Launch Alfred and hit the default keyword “vol” without quotes.

If there are no disks to unmount, you will get a dialog box that conveys the same to you.

If there are any disk to eject, the list pops up. You can select the volumes to eject and hit OK or ‘Return’ key to eject the same.

This script is tested on Mountain Lion and should work well with Lion. Let me know if you face any difficulty.

Make sure “background” and “action” is unchecked in the options menu, near the keyword section!

Added few screenshots for clear explanation also.

Internet Sharing:

This script lets you share your internet connection via Wi-Fi.

Again, you require Alfred and update it to power pack and then follow these steps :

1) Dowload the extension from here for Lion and here for Mountain Lion

2) Install the extension

3) Launch Alfred and hit the keyword.

It would do the rest!

Hope it helps and let me know your feedback

So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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