InkyMail Review

I love applications on OSX as much as my Macbook. Its these applications that makes my experience so much awesome. Its not just for Mac, its the same for Windows, Android, iOS, BB (!!) etc. I keep searching for them when I am not in office. I have found awesome apps ranging from Alfred to Should I sleep. Those are the best. If I like the UI, experience and novelty, I don’t care for price (Tweetbot!). I just buy them. If they are free (Cobook) its the best feeling, still I don’t mind being charged.

Anyway, I have like 8 odd email ID (Both business & personal) that I check everyday. And I have the best email client on Mac, Sparrow, running for office emails and then postbox for personal. But, Postbox wast my choice. Its more like Mail client itself. I tried many others and nothing came close even to Postbox, so I had to stick with it. It was not as awesome as sparrow. So I keep searching for apps and then I came across an awesome Mail client for both OS X & Windows (Yes! Windows too) – InkyMail. I loved their website and pictures shown, it was free and seconds later I was downloading this stuff.

Setting up:

Setting up my personal account was a breeze. It was a gmail account and Inky did all the connecting stuff itself. I had to create an Inky mail to access but thats Ok. It was just easy. Inky 1, Postbox 0!

Set Up


User Interface:

It was awesome. It doesn’t look professional, but It was different from that metal theme on postbox. It was eye catchy and looked little bit like Sparrow, but you can’t say its a copy. Its really nice to view something like this than the ones on Postbox!

The side bar has “Inky” written. Clicking on it will take you to more “old style” way of looking at mail. The detailed view I would call it. Clicking on it again will take you to the smart view. Because of this icon view on side bar, if you have two Gmail account, you might have to remember which is what. But thats fine.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 9.53.45 AM

Below ‘Inky’ is compose mail. You have the option to choose the account from which you want to send. Below this is the ‘Unified Inbox’. It shows mail from all your accounts. Then the email accounts individually. If you get a mail, you have the ‘Notification’ shown on your account and also, on OS X, it has Notification Centre support. As far as I know, there is no Growl support.

After the two Gmail icons, I have few icons. They are smart views. On your settings tab, you disable this. The first is personal view which shows mails from your contacts.

Social view groups email from all Social sites like Twitter, Facebook. Daily deals, Subscription, Notes view does what it does. Packages are mails that you receive for tracking a packing and maps shows email regarding the address.

Its nice to have these, but do they work? Yup! Social sites did its job and so did maps and packages. I couldn’t test others but I bet it would.

Overall, the UI is awesome and love the fresh look. So Inky 2, Postbox 0.

Overall Experience:

It was class apart! I does everything that any mail client would do. It looked great, the icon is catchy and I love it. However, there are few tiny issues.

First is no menu bar app. I know postbox doesn’t have one and Sparrow’s is just nothing, but you could have included it for better experience. But its no biggie.

The second is when I tried to link in my official work account (, It was little sticky. It took time to fill in the “SMPT” and other details. Its just one time thing, so I can overlook this.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 9.52.57 AM

I am not going to label it as “negative” points, but those were only glitches I could point out and complain. Those are not even called complaints.

What I would love to see in future is “Growl” support. Please do. It would complete it.

Its free! So Inky 3, Postbox 0.

Does it replace postbox?

Yes. Postbox is out of my Dock and in comes Inky – a smart, easy, innovative mail client!

Does it replace my Sparrow?

No. It can’t. Sparrow is in different league. This can surely get rid of my Postbox. For my personal mails, this will be default client and will be for a long time.

5 thoughts on “InkyMail Review

  1. The GOOD: I’m a geek and email junkie…have my own domain, plus a couple of other accounts like my business email, iCloud, etc. and I can’t believe Inky has been so quietly launched…I simply now can’t live without it. It is an amazing app that in less than 24 hours, has completely changed how I will interact with my email in the future.

    I honestly can’t see how anyone could not fall in love with this product. Even if you think the concept is not for you, or you only have one email address…still give Inky a spin because its interface completely blows away all others. And it’s intuitiveness in learning what’s important in your inbox and what isn’t, is mind-boggling.

    The BAD: Frustratingly, Inky doesn’t have a clue about the 600 contacts I have in my Google Apps Gmail account. It sees about 30 of them, but if I type the name of any of the other 570 into the To: field of a new message…it just sits there. This is a huge problem…I can’t send an email to anyone without first opening up Gmail Contacts to get their email address.

    Also, when in the unified InBox (shows all inbox email from all included accounts) there is no way to select a default email address when composing email (as all other email clients have). Inky just picked one as the default, and unfortunately, it’s the wrong one (for me). So I have to be very careful I’m sending email from the correct address.

  2. Thanks for a great post! I read your review on Airmail and in both posts you mention that you wont use Inky for your work mail. How come? You and I seem to have the same taste in apps (Tweetbot, Mailbox etc.) so I’m really interested in why you would like to use different mail apps. Doesn’t Inky have the necessary features for professional use? I’m currently moving away from Outlook for Mac and I would like to find a decent mail client. Looking into Airmail, Inky and .Mail (waiting list). Thanks for a very useful blog!

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