Should I sleep Mac app Review.

Caffeine was a must have utility on OS X and features on my OS X 2012 list. Its a freeware and its awesome. It just sits on your menu bar with a coffee mug. Click to turn on and off. It does the job for me. Almost. Mostly.

There were times I forget to turn it either back on or off. But I overlooked this drawback, most of time. It used to be on at night, or at work when I am busy with something else. So I began searching for other apps, knowing I won’t get any better app. The hunt ended with Should I sleep! Its paid, but its worth it. Link to Mac App Store.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.49.56 PM

What it does?

Simple. It puts your mac to sleep when YOU DONT USE IT!

How different is it from Caffeine? 

This is different. Completely. Its more customisable because of its ‘sensors’.

How much? 

Its free but with in-app purchases. All the set comes at $2.99 or Rs.170 and each sensor at $0.99 or Rs.55. This is a sale price at the time of writing. If its changed, don’t ask me!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.55.58 PM

Why this?

Caffeine is free. And I loved it. Its was lightweight and did what it does. It did come up on my Must have mac apps 2012.

But, this is different. It puts your mac to sleep based on many ‘sensors’ that you can choose.

It has 5 sensors to detect if the system is idle. They are Face Detection, Camera Motion, Sound Activity, External Display, Download Monitor and Processor usage.

Face Detection – Takes images and then compares with the environment. If it detects no face, poof!

Camera Motion – Takes video clips and then averages out the movement. And it compares to the environment. If it falls below, it goes off!

Sound Activity – Takes sound from microphone and averages the decibels. It then compares.

External Display – If any, it won’t go off.

Download Monitor – Downloading or streaming stuff? This sensor considers your data (internet), and decides if the mac can go to sleep or not. If something (streaming, downloading) is on, it won’t go off!

Processor Usage – Apps using CPU and you are doing nothing, then it won’t go off. Useful while using Handbrake!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.50.36 PM

How useful it is to me and how different from Caffeine? 

I can activate all sensors or deactivate that the ones I don’t want. I am in office, so I use face detection (Not in seat!), Camera motion (Again, not in seat!) and sound (Lunch break!) to turn off the system. Night time its download (Close after torrent, updates, etc!) option. I don’t use external display yet I got it because it was on sale. The entire sensor was for Rs.170 or $2.99 against each sensor $0.99.


Yup! If you are of my type. And I have removed caffeine (Sorry. You were awesome!). Here are few snapshots!

Update: I checked out everything feature last night and it worked perfectly. Please uninstall caffeine before using this app. Its really worth the buy and I love this neat app. Also awesome response by Mr.Milk 🙂 Good customer service. Go grab this app!

So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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