iPad Mini – Rumours!

Apple’s new product launch, off late, has been some of the worst kept secrets. They come up everywhere. You can never blame apple for this.With high attention people get for exposing such information, you can never blame them the secret reporters to websites. So anyway, what will we have on October 23rd? They say ‘We’ve got a little more to show you.’ What would they give us?

iPad Mini? 13 inch retina MBP’s? Upgrade iMacs? Mac mini upgrades? Read below –

1) Mac Mini – The last refreshment happened in July, 2011 in 3 variants. It moved to the ‘i’ series from Intel’s Sandy Bridge with bluetooth 4.0 support. One year is a lot of time in electronics. So, logically, Apple might be forced to give a slight refresh to this group. Maybe bump it to the new Ivy Bridge processor range. This might be the only biggest upgrade for Mac Mini’s.

2) iMacs – A whole lot of rumours are steaming up in this ranging from huge design change to processor upgrade. Read this for a whole lot of rumours.

Design – Teardrop/Waterdrop design. You might see a little bit curvature in rear to make it look like water drop. Yes! You can see this. Sure you can expect it to be lot thicker. It actually looks very thick after seeing the MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. Sure it might get slim and not like that size zero!

Processor – Whats the use of upgrade without processor upgrade? Sure it would get this Ivy bridge!

Display – Size reduction means you have to forgo something. Sure it would cut off Super Drive.

Considering the size loss, you might expect Apple to ditch super drive. It has done it on rMBP. So do expect the change.

Overall, this upgrade seems to happen on 23rd, October. But I suspect if they would ship it before next month.

3) 13″ rMBP – The D1 coded product! Apparently D2 turned to be 15″ rMBP, D1 has got all chances to be 13″ rMBP. But is it feasible considering few glitches the 15″ faced? Or will they just upgrade and silently refresh 15″ rMBP too? I would not bet on 13″ rMBP launch. If it launches, great! Something more affordable in rMBP series.

4) iPad Mini – The real biggie of the event. Why? Because if Apple launches 7.85 inch tablet, its like kick in the nuts for Kindle, Nexus & Galaxy tab! Apple wants to take them down on their own ground. Sure they would have more features when compared to Apple, but hey, Apple was never in smartphone business until iPhone! Where are we with these rumours? Lets compare the iPad models so as to know what to expect –

Specs iPad Mini New iPad Kindle Fire (7 Inch) Nexus 7 Galaxy Tab (2012)
OS iOS 6 iOS 6 CustomAndroid Jelly Bean 4.0
Display 7.85 (1024 x 768) 9.7 Retina 7 inch (1280×800) 7 inch IPS Backlit LCD (1280 x 800) 7 Inch Super PLS
Processor 1Ghz Dual Core A5 1.2 Ghz ARM Cortex 1.3Ghz quad core Cortex A9 1 Ghz
RAM unknown 1 GB 2GB 1GB 1GB
Storage 16, 32, 64GB 16, 32, 64GB 8, 16, 32 GB 8 GB, 16 GB 8 GB (Expandable)
Camera 5 MP rearVGA front 1.3 front 1.3 front 3 MP front
Connectivity wi-fi, bluetooth wi-fi, bluetooth wi-fi, bluetooth wi-fi, bluetooth wi-fi, bluetooth
Price $299 $499 $199 $199 $199

Processor – Obviously it has to be downgraded version than iPad. The rumour says downsized of A5 processor along with 512 MB Ram. Thats a blow surely.

Storage – Its expected of Apple to release these 3 versions. However, I suspect the 64 version might be released.

Camera – VGA rear and front is what expected! When Apple released the first iPad it came with VGA when 3MP was going on in the market. You can’t expect Apple to give you 5MP or even 3 MP straight up!

Connectivity – Will 3G be added or LTE support? NO! Reason? None of big competitors like Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 have one! Also, given the size, it would take a huge chunk on the battery. So a big NO here. Only wifi. Later on maybe in Mini 2, you might your wish!

SO before I finish, here is a pic before Cook shows it to you all! (Courtesy: Giz!)

So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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