iOS 6 features compared!


About 48 hours before Apple launches iOS 6! So that brings us to this – Which version gets what?! iPhone 4S owners gets all the features. As I already blogged, if you have iPhone 4S, you dont have much of a need to upgrade unless you require an extra line of apps and faster processor. The rest, especially 3GS owners, its high time you upgrade to 4S or to 5. iPhone 4S seems to be a raw deal! Go grab it and wait for iPhone 6! Same with 4S owners.

Lets break down and see which version gets what –

Specs 3GS 4 4S iPad 2 New iPad
Facebook Integration
Cellular FaceTime X X X
Turn by Turn GPS X X
Guided Access


New App Store
Safari – Offline Reading  X
Passbook X X
Call rejection replies X X
Safari – Tab sync
New Photo Stream X
Siri X X X
Mail – VIP X

3GS users – You get nothing from iOS 6 other than the very basic features.

4 users – No cellular Facetime is kind of a big deal and no Siri also makes it worse. But you still get more features than 3GS users.

4S users – You get all! Thats one reason not to go for iPhone 5!

iPad 2 – No cellular Facetime and Siri. As expected passbook and Call rejection doesn’t make it. To make you feel good, even the new iPad doesn’t have these features.

New iPad – You guys get Siri and Facetime on Cellular Network! So its awesome.


So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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