Rumour round up – iPhone 5 & New iPod Touch.

So its iPhone 5 and not ‘New iPhone’. Many people had issues with ‘New iPad’ nomenclature, including me. But it makes more sense than iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad 5. You really don’t want to mess up like what Nokia did to their naming. Also, retina MacBook Pro’s are still ‘New Macbook Pro’ than MBP 1! So that makes sense. But iPhone 5?! Anyway, having heard so much about next iPhone over few months, what has that got us to? What will the new iPhone actually by and what will be the changes? Here are few major ones –


You can surely expect to have a design makeover. To confirm this, a prototype has hit IFA 2012 too. So that surely confirms a design change. If you have 4S, your phone might look outdated.. Sorry.. Anyway, looking at that article from Cnet, and other articles from internet, It will surely come in two variant – White and Black.

(Pic from cultofmac)

Chances of this rumour going wrong – 0%


The most talked about change is the increase to 4 inch size leaving its traditional ‘pocket size’ area. By doing this, they need to very careful that they do not enter into ‘fragmentation’ segment. But surely apple will have something with them to make all apps work seamlessly.

ncreasing screen size has got so much potential that can be unlocked – bigger battery! You bring in NFC or LTE, you need bigger batteries.

Apple might suddenly take a U-turn and implement it only on iPod Touch. Might be. But considering the potential it can use with increase in display size, it may put it on iPhone.

Chances for this rumour going wrong – 5%

(Pic from CultofMac)

On-Cell Technology

This is something the consumer might not be interested in. Apple will bring in On-cell Touch instead of In-cell. So whats this?

On-Cell – In all smartphone, tablets and all touch screen device, have a LCD screen and touch recognition are stacked up in separate layers. They both interact to give you ‘touchscreen’.

In-cell – Now apple reinvents on-cell but in-cell. Its doing that by combining the both layers and thus making the phone thinner by few mm’s. But thats huge! You can increase the battery.

Apple has, obviously, patented this way back in 2007 itself. Thats even before original iPhone. Thats normal with apple. All those patented stuff come to consumers after 5 years. We still havent heard about this Liquid metal (Or, its the new body made out of it?)

To consumers, it means thinner phones!

Chances of this rumour going wrong – 30%


Apple won’t be stuck with same dual-core A5 chip. Though not much rumour on that, but don’t expect apple to come with quad-core processor like S3. They say it might come with A6 processor. Don’t expect it to be beast of a processor but would surely complement with iOS 6.


Yes, S3 has NFC so should apple implement the same to play catch up game? Not necessary. But a Chinese site pointed to a mysterious chip near ear piece. It might be NFC but AnandTech went all out to play the rumour down. I would have stuck with AnandTech all day, but with ‘Passbook’ app in iOS 6, you really need to have NFC in your device to make it powerful.

Chances of this getting NFC – 40%

Else, surely it would get LTE atleast. Either this or that. 60% in favour of LTE right now.


Again, not much rumour on camera too! I don’t expect a MP bump either. iPod Touch may get a bump surely. But not iPhone. Maybe a few ‘technical’ adjustments to make pictures look more pleasing. But to bump to 10MP? No!

Chances to get 10MP – 10%

Nano Sim

Micro Sim became a trend though all were against it initially. Thats apple style of doing stuff. From ditching floppy disk to built-in battery, they stand firmly! Almost all phones have adapted to this. Now its Nano Sim! It would surely save precious space for apple to make bigger battery for their NFC to run smoothly and ‘not drain’ your battery life.

Chance to implement Nano Sim – 100%

Ear Phones

I really curse apple for this! Since the launch of iPods they never really cared about this equipment. I never use their nor does others! Yet, those earphones in white has become a ‘fashion’ meaning “i own a iDevice”. But with recent rumours of new ear buds, will it get implemented? – No. Atleast I think like that. Reason? Those dumb apple earphones are no cost to manufacture really. And giving this new ones would mean it would bring up the iPhone cost. Apple really don’t want to increase the phone cost by any margin. So big NO from me.

(Pic from Internet)

But, they would launch it as stand alone product. You have to pay to get this. Apple don’t want you get it for free but buy it! Thats my logic.

Chances of giving with iPhone – 10%

Chance of coming as standalone – 75%

Where does this all lead us to? See the table below –

Particulars Description Chages
Frequency 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/19003G: HSDPA 850/900/1900/21004G: LTE Yes
GPS Apples native Maps Yes
OS iOS 6 Yes
CPU 1.2Ghz dual core, A6 Chipset Yes
Memory 16GB, 32GB, 64 GB No
Display Incell with their specs Yes
Size 4Inch with their Specs Yes
Camera 8MP, autofocus, panorama, LED FlashSecondary 1.3MP Not Much
Video The same as 4S No
Battery Bigger Capacity Yes

With regard to iPod Touch, It would surely have the most of features as that of iPhone but a brought down version! For eg, The iPad Processor, with 4inch display, no LTE or NFC, 8MP Camera, same design. Because, Apple dont really want to compete iPod Touch with iPhone. Its always been a step below when compared to iPhone.

There are few that I can imagine. Sure Apple would have more on its sleeves. I am no expert, and so I did my best to judge apple. Lets see on 12th to see what they are unto.

Meanwhile check out my social networking apps and apps for OS X reviews.

P.S: The pics are taken from internet and due credit is given. If not given, please contact. All are purely my view from reading various articles on internet.

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