Thank You All – 1000 Visit in 110 days!

Dear Anonymous Reader/Stalkers,

I have no clue why I started this doodle, but it has surely got more visits than I ever imagined. I thank all those readers through this post – though I am sure all won’t get to read this post. To reach 1000 visits 110 days of starting is a huge achievement, atleast for me.

Looking into those stats details, 75% of my views are for Useful Mac Applications – 2012 post. It was a post just to share what apps I used personally and I am glad many have liked & clicked on links to the apps. Sure, other posts have niche readers, but it still is a confidence booster. I expected other blogs like gfxCardStatus, dSLR to have more views but I realised the error in those post. Its for niche crowd when compared to Macbook Pro Apps. Its like superset in Apple crowd. But I am trying to promote that blog too so that people know about those tremendously useful app.

Digging further, Americans have visited my site more often followed by UK and India. I owe a lot to Dominic Yuvan for Canadian view! He might comprise atleast 50% of those views. Please find his blog here. (Few good reads also posted there!) Also, I had visits from counties I never dreamt like – Guam (16 Views ) , Moldova ( 3 Views ) , St.Llucia ( 3 views ) , United Republic of Tanzania ( 3 Views ) etc. Its truly unbelievable.

Also, I am working on giving away Gifts. Yes Gifts!! I am not sure if thats legal or something on wordpress. So I am reading a few blogs. Once that is finalised, I shall gift you a US$1.99 app either an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app or Mac OS X app depending on the reader’s request every month. I am finalising it on the ways to enter and how to select the winner. So stay tuned for more updates on this.

Once again, I thank you all for reading my blog. Please follow my doodle so that you can are aware of my updates.



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