Olloclip Review – iPhone 4S

When iPhone 4S was launched, Apple promoted their Camera a lot. It came with Illumination Sensor, faster lens and with 8MP Camera. With extraordinary apps like 645 Pro, Snapseed, Hipsmatic, iPhone 4S can be eligible to be your point and shoot camera. But can never replace the dSLR. Arguably, iPhone 4S has the best Camera.

You can make it even more cool with an accessory – Olloclip. A recent trip outside India gave me the opportunity to buy this lens. Its only-iPhone 4/4S Camera Kit. It comes with 3 lens – Fish-Eye lens, Wide Angle Lens and a Macro Lens. If you are love to click pictures with your iPhone, this should be your accessory.

The Make:

All three lens put together are amazingly small. The right word would be tiny. The package comes with the lens, a carrying bag and lens cap. The carry bad acts as cleaning cloth too. And then the two lens cap. Unscrew wide angle to get the mind-blowing Macro Lens.

When the lens are put on the carry bag, its highly portable. It fits in your pocket, though I won’t advise.


If you have your case on your iPhone, you are in bad luck. You have to remove the case to fit the lens on. If you are using screen protectors on both sides, you might damage the edges. I use Screen Protectors and don’t have a case. I had issues with my Screen Protector. I have now removed my back protector so that I don’t have trouble attaching the lens each time. Other than that, Its easy to set this up. Just push the lens on your camera side edge and you are fine. Its simple, Sturdy and eye catchy too.


I will start with Fish-Eye. Just slip on the lens marked “Fish-Eye” and you are done. This gives you the “Curve-Effect” on the photos. It, obviously, adds more content as such to your photos. Below is the Fish Eye effect in a Parking Lot. Notice the corners where you get the ‘black’ effect, its default. Add some effects using Snapseed and your photo would be perfect, atleast for you.!

 The Wide Angle Lens is what I am going to use more often than the others. A simple example where I missed it was when capturing a Rainbow. My normal lens just won’t fit the entree rainbow. Not just this occasion, but I have others when trying to capture a building. Take a look at this pics below.

First is the taken without the lens and second with the lens. Notice the curved line on the corners? The picture gets curved around the edge. They call this “barrel-distortion”.

This seemed so worse than I ever imagine. So when I went out to see what it does when I try to click on-the-go-pics, I found it to be less disturbing. The below pic was taken in a parking lot using wide angle lens. But the distortion is minimum on landscape mode(the above two were in portrait mode). The black line curves to the end, but I can live with this level.

So the word is, don’t use portrait mode with wide angle, as always.

The is the Macro Lens. Unscrew your wide angle to use this lens. This lens was something I thought I won’t use much, but frankly, this is the best of the lens and I use this more than the other two. It just blows away your mind what this tiny lens does. I feel like a ‘pro’ with this lens. The pics are blow. The first one is sand from a flower pot! Its does 10X magnification. 


The good: Amazingly tiny and highly portable, Incredible Macro pictures,

The bad: Distortion in Wide Angle Lens, Have to remove case & screen protectors. (Please read the Update part!)

Sure $70 is bit pricey. But hey! You got an iPhone!! And orbitz already charges Apple users more. 😛 So shell out $70 and you will have unlimited enjoyment with this. A must have if you use iPhone as primary camera.

Also be aware that if you have iPhone 4 and planning to buy the next iPhone, Please wait. The compatibility is not certain. Happy olloclipping!

Update:  Olloclip has given an Ollocorrect iOS app to correct the distortion and I must is its brilliant app. It does correct the barrel distortion and thus making this accessory a must have for iPhone! Way to go Olloclip!! A review of that app coming soon!

Update: Please read this for a Quick Thank You!

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