How to make iPhone to replace a dSLR…. Well almost!!!!!

To put things in perspective, iPhone can never replace a dSLR – NO MATTER WHAT… Atleast till iPhone 4S. As a matter of fact, iPhone can never be modified to act as a dSLR. If you want proof, try arguing with a professional photographer that your iPhone replaces his $2000 odd bazooka like Nikon or Canon. He would throw you all those technical words at you that never heard of and tell you where a real dSLR strikes!

Though I have my Canon 550D, I am too lazy to carry it around for vacations. My bag is always loaded with 17inch Macbook Pro, 2 iPod Touch, Palm Pre2 (It dont really use, but its just there in my bag always!) 2 Proporta USB TurboCharger. So there is hardly any space for my dSLR.

After purchasing an iPhone 4S, it became my best option to capture moments. Its always on my pocket and I hardly go anywhere without this. Its always there with me. So I decided to enhance this gadget to make the best out of it without much expense.

Having done few days of googling, I have few handy apps and a yet-to-be-purchased accessory that would almost act like a dSLR without occupying so much space on my travel bag. Most importantly without burning a hole in my wallet!


I had the most famous app that would make any of my crappy photos look awesome (atleast to me!). Its called INSTAGRAM. Oh wait, Its called Facebook Camera aka Facebook . (DOT). But that just add effects and does nothing more. Camera + was another good alternative that kept me busy for few days. Another app I used was Camera Awesome by SmugMug. These became handy apps to add effects.

But recently, I bought two apps that totally took me by surprise and it almost gave everything I was looking to make my iPhone dSLR.

1) 645 Pro ($2.99)
This is just a bit of tonnes of feature in this beast of an app. Go check out reviews from experts for more details as such.I am not going to review the app because thats not the primary motive of this article. But I will try to give you an idea about the app as such. This app had so much on the screen to make youfeel that you actually have a dSLR.

It takes uncompressed JPEGS and almost takes RAW. They say its the closest to get RAW  on your iPhone. Unlike many other apps where you have to go to various screen to adjust various setting, this app gives you every setting on the screen. It might be clustered, but, because you have live view mode, you can just change setting on-the-go to suit your taste. I mean it. Just like that. How I exactly used to do on my Canon 550D.

2) SnapSeed ($4.99)

Most pics from 645 Pro are better if they are left untouched. However, I found this app which makes me to edit those pics. Its fun to use (Oh, the UI is so refreshing!) and has got some
serious tools. Its so easy to use, thanks to in-app help that makes sure you are not lost. There are adjustments to make your pics look perfect and some filters. They are frames with control on the border so that you can customise to suit your taste. Over all, use this app and you will love it. It only takes few minutes to get used to it and to come up with gorgeous pics.


I was googling for some lens for iPhone. My checklist – less expensive, portable, fun to use it and “WOW” factor (yes, thats on my list!) And I narrowed it down to two best options.

1) Olloclip ($69.99)

2) iPro Lens ($199.99)

Of the both, I am ordering Olloclip because, it satisfies all my checklist. I had to leave iPro because it was expensive accessory for me. Olloclip fits my budget. But why did I put it there? Parity in Income!! Yes. For me shelling out $200 for accessory is a big deal while for a few its just another $130 more. So if you have the budget, go for iPro Lens. If budget is constraint just take Olloclip!

How does all fit in to make you iPhone a near dSLR?

Simple, Use Olloclip to capture pics using 645 Pro, and add some effects using SnapSeed and you have a near dSLR on your pocket.

Thats the closest I have found. If you have better options let me know too.

UPDATE 15/6/2012 : Ha! The irony. Just when you think you need lens for iPhone, apple does this. I feel they will come out with case with lens and change case to change lens. You cant add more iPhone because they are trying to slim it down. So, the case is where they can do something.

When will they bring out? I remember many patents like built in projector in August 2011,  liquid metal in Jan 2011, havent even been commercialized till date. iPhone SIM ejector has this liquid metal, but it was meant to bring them to laptops. In few years they might give a design overhaul. In few years, because this unibody design hasnt been matched by anyone.. Literally.. So why change it now?!

Back to point, maybe Apple might bring it to next iPhone or after that we never know. So till then we have only Olloclip to snap! So cheers.!!!!

Update 2: Please read this for a Quick Thank You!

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