Internet Sharing Alfred Extension

Some Crap about why I did this app!

My two years of education in Singapore made me heavily dependent on Wi-fi. Where ever I went, I never had the trouble of finding wi fi spots. Either SingTel would give me one or McD had one, Starbucks, in my Uni, in my house everywhere had a wi-fi.

After my studies there, I returned to India to work in our family business. That too in a town like Virudhunagar. No wifi. I had to use my mobile net which sucks! 3G is not even launched here when they say iPhone might get to 4G. Living in 2G sucks.

And so, I use Reliance Netconnect on my laptop which is fast. iPhone data plan is capped. So i had to rely on my unlimited Reliance to connect my iPhone to internet. Each time I had to connect, I had to do many steps to share my laptop internet.

Because I already have Alfred app and Powerpack with me, I decided to use a script to share internet.. It does a good job for me. Sure you might face a situation where you might want to share you laptop internet. This app reduces the job.

 Precautions to run this script:

1) Have OSX 10.7.3

2) Have Alfred App with Power Pack

3) Have Internet connection active to share via wifi.

To Run this script:

1) Download the extension here

2) nstall the same.

3) Launch Alfred app.

4) Enter the keyword is.

Note: I Keyworded “is” which means Internet Sharing. You can change to your liking.

To deactivate Internet Sharing:

Type in the same keyword.

You are done. Please let me know if you encounter any problem. I shall try to sort our personally. Drop in an email.

UPDATE: The extension doesnt seem to work on Mountain Lion. Shall update the app soon!

Update: Please read this for a Quick Thank You!

5 thoughts on “Internet Sharing Alfred Extension

  1. abas says:

    Thanks! This is a great extension, just what i need please update it for mountain lion, i have bookmarked your page and I will check constantly and see if you figure it out which I know you will hopefully

  2. Vinod Menon says:

    Hi, Can you pls send me the workflow for Alfred 2. I’m unable to import the .alfredextension into the workflow list.

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