Why am I here?

I have no clue why I am into these sites suddenly, but i felt cool using using it and sharing on twitter. 😛

So if you want to read some crappy stuff that has no meaning, know what the hell am I upto in life, Follow me. Sure you won’t be disappointed about this.

So what are these crappy stuff about? Mostly about some computer stuff, gadgets, my life, and things I find wort sharing. I know its not a clear picture, but hope u get some idea of what u might see.

This blog is strictly not for reader who like to criticize and not correct, decide to oppose and not discuss,  and who wants to spend the time usefully. So you decide for yourself.

Also, whatever is written here is purely my view! And may or may be correct all the time. I am not asking you to do what I say. And whatever written here are cannot be taken to court for legal issues. If I have used any copyright material, please advise to take it down and also its purely unintentional. I am sure to give you credit for those materials. Dont sue me! Please..

Oh. If I have used any of your copyright photos/articles/anything, please let me know. I shall remove it at once! Its unfortunate that I used yours and I apologise to you.

Update: Please read this for a Quick Thank You for 1000 Visits!


So, What you think? Leave a Reply to let us know.

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